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Portable Building Sales in Brisbane

A better portable accommodation solution, to attract the right people

Retracom Transportable Buildings is one of Australia's leading manufacturers of demountable buildings and modular buildings

We offer not only construction, but purpose driven design as part of a complete, reliable and professional service. Retracom Portable Buildings also give you the flexibility to create your own interior layout; guaranteeing you a finished site that's closer to home. 

Our unique construction style adds exceptional value. Whether it's your design or ours, all Retracom Portable Buildings are made with Retracom's own proprietary insulated panels. These are finished in easy to maintain pre-painted galvanized steel.

  • Energy efficiency: Retracom transportable buildings will meet the BCA requirement for energy efficiency. The walls and ceilings are fully insulated to keep the heat and cold outside and are perfectly suited to maximise any available light thereby reducing energy costs.

  • Electrical and plumbing: All Retracom portable buildings are supplied with electrical and plumbing fit out, to meet all Australian building codes, installed by licensed tradesmen, under rigid quality management. Our modular buildings are made ready as specified, for easy connection to all utilities, including; sewerage, water, electricity, internet and gas.

  • Built with all the years in mind: Only Retracom portable buildings can give you year after year of maintenance-free facilities. With both the internal and external walls complete with a durable and easy to clean finish, our demountable buildings will still look amazing even after years of comfortable living.

  • Completely fitted out, or bare shell options: All Retracom transportable buildings can be supplied completely fitted out to your specification, or supplied as a bare shell ready for custom fit out.

  • Everyone will be happy in a Retracom portable building: Be proud as an owner of an investment that boasts low maintenance, ease of cleaning and a first class finish. Importantly, your lodgers and employees will be completely content in a comfortable and contemporary living space.

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