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Insulated Panels & Roofing Brisbane

Installation, Maintenance & Repair

Retracom’s dedicated service and maintenance team provide expert on-site maintenance to:

  • Cold Room Panels and Cool Room Panels
  • Freezer Rooms
  • Food Processing facilities

Retracom specialises in the repair of all doors, structural insulated panels, gaskets and high maintenance areas within your cool rooms, cool rooms and cold storage facilities. Our Service Team can provide assistance with your structural, insulated or roof insulation panel needs 24/7. 

Retracom offers an accurate estimate of your cool room’s needs. Sign up to our loyalty programme, “RETRACHECK”, and we can check whether your building cladding, insulation and cold room panels require servicing or maintenance to ultimately decrease those larger repair bills.

Our team’s service ensures your structural insulated panels will work as efficiently as possible which saves you money.

Retracom are experts in the service and maintenance of:

  • Insulated Panels
  • Insulated Roofing
  • Cold Room Panels
  • Hinged and sliding doors
  • Gaskets and seals

Urgent service enquiries

Do you have an urgent service enquiry? If so, please complete the following form and your enquiry will be dispatched directly to our service team.





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